Happy Hour

Monday- Friday

The John Dory Oyster Bar


Large Format

Click here to learn more about our great large format meal for parties of 8-10 guests.


the kitchen is open from 12:00pm til midnight with limited menus served from 4pm-5pm and again from 11pm-midnight. we offer an oyster happy hour special from 5-7pm monday - friday 


we take reservations in our main dining room for lunch or dinner. you can also contact reservations@thejohndory.com to inquire. our reservations department can also be reached at 646-214-5784 between the hours of 10am and 6pm. alternatively, you can call our host stand at 212-792-9000.

we offer large format reservations in the main dining room or within the kitchen for parties of between 8 and 10 guests. please contact chefs.table@thejohndory.com for more information.


we are located at 1196 broadway (@29th street in the ace hotel) new york, ny 10001.

the closest subway station is the 28th street R & W station.

we are also accessible by subway from 34st-herald square station using the b, d, f, m and n, q, r and w trains.

Get Directions
Private Events

for groups of 8-10 people, we offer a family-style set menu at our chef's table in the kitchen or in the main dining room nightly.

for large groups, the john dory oyster bar is a perfect venue for cocktail parties up to 125 people.

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Contact Us

Maybe we answered your question in our FAQ?
Submit an inquiry below and a staff member will be in touch to confirm your reservation:

FAQ Who should I contact for Media Inquiries ?

For media inquiries, please contact the Evergreen Team at media@evergreenpr.com

Do you take reservations?

Yes! We offer limited reservations for both lunch and dinner. For parties of up to 6 people you can make a reservation with us via the internet at thejohndory.com or through Resy.com. For parties of 7 or more you may call 212-792-9000 and speak to our reservationist. You will receive a confirmation call the day of your reservation. We kindly ask for a prompt response. Unfortunately, we are unable to seat parties unless they are complete. As a courtesy, we will hold your table 15 minutes past the time of your reservation. After 15 minutes have passed, we will release the table to guests on the wait list.

Do you sell April Bloomfield’s cookbook?

Yes, we do! Please ask your server or a manager for a copy.

Do you have a happy hour?

Yes! 7 days per week we offer happy hour from 5-7pm. From the raw bar, we offer $2 chef's choice oysters and clams. From the bar you may choose from half off on our John Dory Oyster Stout, our tap sparkling riesling and sherry, and $5 oyster shooters. Additionally, on Saturday and Sunday this offering is available from 12-3pm.

Can you order off of the Breslin menu in the John Dory and vice versa?

Unfortunately, that is not an option. But there’s something to whet everyone’s appetites on both menus

Does the John Dory have a corkage fee?

Although we hope you enjoy our thoughtfully selected wine list, we do welcome bottles that we do not have in our cellar. Corkage is $30 per bottle, $60 for magnums. We allow groups to bring in a maximum of 2 regular bottles (750mL) or 1 magnum. 

What is sustainable seafood? Are you sustainable at the John Dory?

Sustainable seafood is seafood that is fished or farmed in ways that do not negatively impact the environment. The John Dory exclusively serves seafood that is sustainably and ethically sourced. We maintain close relationships with all of our purveyors to ensure just that.

Is there an oyster season?

The old adage that you should only east oysters during months that end in “R” is woefully outdated. Due to modern aquaculture and our ability to safely ship oysters all around the world. Oysters are always an excellent idea.

April Bloomfield

April Bloomfield has spent most of her life in the kitchen and had the pleasure of working with some of the most revolutionary chefs before taking on a kitchen of her own. A native of Birmingham, England, April began her culinary studies at Birmingham College. From there, she went on to hone her craft through cook positions in various kitchens throughout London and Northern Ireland, including Kensington Place and Bibendum. It was under the guidance of Ruth Rogers and Rose Gray at The River Cafe where she learned to appreciate the beauty and simplicity of food. Before moving to New York, April spent the summer of 2003 in Berkeley, California at the legendary Chez Panisse. Recently, April's The Breslin Bar & Dining Room earned one star two years in a row in the esteemed Michelin guidebook. As Food & Wine Magazine’s ”Best New Chef,” April continues to receive widespread attention for her food. In fall 2010, she opened The John Dory Oyster Bar, which joined The Breslin at New York’s Ace Hotel and earned a glowing, two-star review from the New York Times. April’s first cookbook, A Girl and Her Pig, was published by Ecco in April 2012.

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